Apple Siri, how can you be so 'silly'

Siri privacy bug lets it read out most hidden message content on a locked iPhone

Major Siri bug exposes all your hidden Signal messages on iPhone

But the bug doesn't affect stock apps like Mail and iMessage.

The one exception is Apple's own Messages app, where Siri will read them only if the phone is unlocked.

The only messaging app that isn't affected by the bug appears to be Apple's own Messages.

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The report also found that the bug exists in both iOS 11.2.6 which is now the latest stable version and the beta of iOS 11.3 which is due to release in Spring 2018. In a statement on the matter provided to MacRumors, Apple said: "We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update".

Apple has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix soon. With this setting enabled, lock screen notifications will remain hidden until a user authenticates with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode. But if you use an alternative email app like Gmail, Siri will include those in the notifications it's willing to read.

While facial scans are secured on the iPhone itself, a host of app developers can gather and store information on "how often users blink, smile, or even raise an eyebrow", according to MacRumors. You can simply set the "Show Previews" feature set to display only "When unlocked". And keeping aside those battery draining issues and applications being unresponsive, iOS 11 bugs didn't even spare the $1,000 iPhone X. Saying things like "Read my last email" and "Read my last note" lead to Siri insisting that you unlock your phone before the voice assistant can follow through on the request since it associates those asks with Apple's software. Apparently, this setting correctly stops Siri from reading out messages at the lockscreen. Without checking if it was the user issuing the command, Siri would begin to reel off all of the notifications aloud, including those designated as hidden. You can also disable lock screen notifications on a per-app basis by going to Settings Notifications and then select a specific app. Choose the app that you don't want to show notifications and swipe its "Show on Lock Screen" toggle.

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