Apple said to plan mega-sized iPhone

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Apple to release 2018 iPhone with massive 6.5-inch display – and it will be available in gold

The report from The Mobile Indian also indicates that the biggest iPhone device which Apple is now working on will carry a mammoth display of a 6.5-inch size model.

Apple set to release three new iPhone models this year, including the largest one ever, according to a report published Monday.

Apple's decision to also build a cheaper phone is an acknowledgement that the current entry-level 8 models too closely resemble the iPhone 6 introduced back in 2014.

Apple's new lineup is said to be a part of the company's larger plan to lure not just consumers who are into so-called phablets, but also those who are looking for a less expensive version of their products.

The tech firm will also unveil an upgrade to the iPhone X. Along with the larger model, the phone will sport an A12 processor and stainless steel edges.

It's always been rumored that Apple is going to launch three new iPhones this fall, all with a design very similar to that of the iPhone X from past year. The gold color is attractive to consumers in Asia but, still, Apple may not proceed with the color because of possible production problems. Apple will look to roll out a massive 6.5-inch iPhone X XL along with the standard 5.8-inch model.

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According to Bloomberg the largest iPhone, code-named D33, will be the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but the edge-to-edge screen makes the screen size an inch larger than the Plus phone.

Most buyers postponed the purchase because of the iPhone X's prohibitive price ($1,000) even though they admitted that the latest model was more cutting-edge than the iPhone 8.

To keep the cost of the device down, Apple will use an LCD screen similar to the one used on the iPhone 8.

The iPhone that will be an upgraded version of the X is internally being dubbed as D32.

Bloomberg also hints that Apple would give space for two SIMs in the biggest iPhone. Regardless, this fall we'll likely see three iPhones that all feature the edge-to-edge design that made the iPhone X so striking when it debuted. Other features include improved augmented reality capabilities, integration of Siri digital assistant, virtual health monitor, among others.

The rumors seem real as multiple sources claim that Apple is about to embark on an aggressive journey of releasing multiple smartphones to appease the crowd.

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