Steam's Lunar New Year sale arrives with slew of PC game discounts

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today

Valve Holds Steam Lunar New Year Sale, Makes Changes To Wishlist

The new wishlist will display an "add to cart" option only for those games with a single purchasing option.

But it's the filters that are most welcome. Adding games to the list was a simple as clicking the "Add to your wishlist" button on most Steam store pages. This can be frustrating when trying to find items during a large Steam sale or to finding purchases at particular prices.

Furthermore, users can filter by the level of discount a game is now at. There's also the option to see the price of games that are below your Steam Wallet balance, $5, or $10. Now you can sort your wishlist by genre, tag, price, and whether it's on sale or not.

Many players have reported that they find a promising game now in Early Access that they want to keep track of, but aren't interested in buying until the game has transitioned to full release. It's also now possible to exclude Early Access, pre-release, and VR-only games via a toggle. The first and most obvious change is that Wishlist game entries are a lot bigger now. But between now and that title's release, it isn't always helpful to see those unreleased selections when you're shopping for something to play now.

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At the time of writing the wishlist filters and sorting improvements weren't available to me on the web or via the Steam client app unless I followed the link from the home page banner. Tags have been added to the wishlist viewer for all games, and the search option now extends to these tags in addition to game titles. For example, some games have a Deluxe Edition or multiple Starter Pack options that make the offer more complicated.

To top the sale off, the new and improved Steam wishlist is now available for gamers to use and view.

To decide what changed would be popular with Steam users Valve sensibly filtered through common requests seen in the Steam Community pages.

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