Presidents' Day Quiz: Can You Put the US Presidents In Order?

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NBC5 Editorial: Celebrating the meaning of Presidents' Day

We live in Virginia, home of the first President of America, George Washington, so it's George Washington's birthday in the Commonwealth although it is no longer celebrated on his February 22 birthday.

Here is snapshot of what is open and closed on Presidents Day 2018.

Washington and Lincoln are two of our most famous leaders, but how well do you know the rest of them? You see, 1879, the United States added Washington's Birthday as its fifth national holiday, joining New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

To take the presidents quiz, click or tap and drag the portraits to put each president under the dates he was in office.

Section of River Road shuts down due to flooding
Monday She said the Williamstown Bridge, which had been closed on Sunday due to high water on the OH side, was open at 11:40 a.m. The record flood on the Ohio River was in 1937, before the flood wall protection system was developed in Louisville.

Most banks will also be closed for the day. Some states have Presidents' Day as a holiday; others use President's Day.

Here's a rundown of what's open and what's closed Monday in observance of the holiday. This is also the weekend that annually attracts more than 3,000 music teachers, students and families to Yakima for the Washington Music Educators Association conference. It was created in 1885 in honor of President George Washington. Lincoln's Birthday had always been a state holiday in places like IL, and many supported joining the two days as a way of giving equal recognition to two of America's most famous statesmen. Rep. William Moore McCulloch of OH argued that perhaps we wouldn't want to pay tribute to all presidents. Congressional measures to restore Washington and Lincoln's individual birthdays were proposed during the early 2000s, but all failed to gain much attention. The third Monday in February is still listed on official calendars as Washington's Birthday.

It seems nobody wants George Washington to have a birthday anymore.

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