Marvel Studios 'Black Panther' Continues To Set Box Office Records

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Black Panther proves the best villains are those who could have been heroes

Black Panther has arrived to make it crystal clear the positive representation of African-Americans on film is also a smart business decision. Black Panther #1 will hit comic shops, digital and anywhere new comics are sold on May 23.

"Deadpool" previously held the record, raking in $132 million over a Friday to Sunday weekend, according to The Numbers, a site that keeps data on films.

If Black Panther matches the Force Awakens domestically and then has matching foreign market performance levels as other Marvel superhero movies then Black Panther could pass Titanic as the second best performing movie at the box office.

Black Panther's success extends beyond America's borders.

This exposure will change everything about the world, and with King T'Challa sitting on a mountain of vibranium, he will officially be the leader of the most advanced country in the world. "Ryan Coogler and us lot, we've been given support and we need the support back".

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Whereas Wakanda is a nation that usually plays defense against villains such as Thanos and Dr. Doom, here we will see the kingdom expand and build a thriving culture across the cosmos.

"Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen", she said.

But the pivotal moment in this clip is the Wakandan children staring at Bucky Barnes and calling him "the White Wolf".

Johansson has till now appeared as the character in six films, the next one being this summer's Avengers: Infinity War. This would be a lovely way to return to this world as can you imagine how fantastic a Wakandan royal wedding would be?! All of us want to see ourselves reflected onscreen. How will the Black Panther respond to this injustice?

The Electoral Justice Project, a movement that seeks to continue a long legacy of social movements fighting for the advancement of the rights of the black people through electoral strategy in the United States has been targeting excited fans with a simple message- "While you wait, send a text".

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