Joker Movie Aiming to Cast Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play the Joker in Todd Phillips's Standalone DC Movie

Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Joker Stand-Alone Movie

Phoenix is actually a great choice for the role as he is known for being a hardcore method actor who can sink into any character he plays.

According to Variety, Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to tackle the iconic role of the Joker in Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips' untitled Joker origin movie.

People weren't necessarily thrilled to hear that the Joker is getting a standalone movie, but fans can rest assured that the supervillain will be played by a talented actor.

The film is set to fall under a new yet-to-be-announced banner under DC Comics, in which the studio plans to expand on the characters' stories outside of the current cinematic universe.

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Warner Bros. wants to diversify its DC films, and developing stories unconnected to the DCEU frees these projects from the shackles of interconnected world-building, which hasn't gone well for the brand thus far (see: Justice League). Leonardo Dicaprio was the first person approached to star in Phillip's standalone film, but that didn't pan out.

It will be more like a "gritty crime drama" than a traditional comic book movie.

Scott Silver is joining Todd Phillips as a co-writer on the film, which will dive into the Joker's backstory and the circumstances that led him to become a mastermind criminal.

Joaquin Phoenix was also up to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman and Doctor Strange for Marvel, but passed on those roles. It's now Phillips who is fighting to get the multiple Academy Award nominee onboard with the project with the studio heads at Warner Bros. The Joker has been iconically portrayed by many different actors over the years.

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