Iranian Women Are Reportedly Being Arrested for Protesting the Country's Hijab Law

Iranian women protest their country’s hijab law by waving their headscarves in public

Iranian women protest their country’s hijab law by waving their headscarves in public

Although women in Iran have fought against the hijab for almost four decades, the new wave of protests has grabbed more attention and sparked a debate rarely seen before over personal freedoms.

"For nearly four decades, we, the women of Iran, have been unhappy about compulsory hijab, and we had the fear inside our hearts".

One recent image taken from Mashhad shows a religious woman, in full chador, standing on a telecoms box holding up a headscarf, in solidarity with women who - unlike her - don't want to wear it. Men in Iran too have joined the protests and are now waving white flags in support of women's freedom of choice. Masih Alinejad, a USA -based journalist and anti-hijab activist, said they started inside Iran and were not influenced from overseas.

On Wednesday, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran's chief prosecutor, had denounced the protests as "childish", suggesting that individuals from outside Iran are inciting the movement. Mowahed was shortly arrested after her protest, but was reportedly released following an outcry from human rights activists.

A growing number of women in Iran have been removing their hijabs and waving them on a stick to protest the Iranian law. "It has nothing to do with forces outside of Iran", Alinejad said.

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Iran's law makes it compulsory for women to wear the hijab in public. "We're just giving them a platform". "This is a campaign that's been going on for years and years", she explained.

Mohaved attracted attention during the demonstrations when a video of her protesting went viral.

The UK Daily Mail that despite claims by "moderate" President Hassan Rouhani that the police have better things to do than enforcing the hijab law, thousands of undercover "morality police" remain active, filing tens of thousands of "bad hijab" reports.

Tasnim news agency reported on Friday that 29 women had been arrested, and quoted Tehran police as saying that the detainees were arrested for "disturbing public security". "This is why ... girls of Enghelab Street are putting their headscarves on a stick". "Once upon a time we imposed restrictions on women and put them under unnecessary pressure and that provoked these protests with women taking off their headscarves in the streets", she told ILNA.

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