Google is bringing AMP to Gmail to make emails extra interactive

Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail - The Keyword

Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content

I'm not a fan of AMP when it comes to webpages (for a variety of reasons, including a distaste for getting into a bed with Google that may be hard to leave), so you consider me as raising an eyebrow to hear the plans to roll it out for email.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are designed with HTML tags that optimize mobile content delivery.

AMP Stories, introduced by Google on Tuesday in a developer preview mode, demonstrates the need to bring a creative twist to search - specifically on mobile. With that part of AMP being quite successful (if not always beloved) now, Google is looking to take AMP beyond these basic stories.

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The Stories format is one that's picked up a lot of steam over the past couple years, and it'll be immensely interesting to see how people take to them showing up in their online searches. Today, Google announced an extension of the AMP program to include another popular communications medium. In the future, Google plans to bring AMP Stories to more products across Google and expand the ways they appear in Google Search.

The AMP Stories format is available for free, open to anyone to use. You can browse, interact with content, do RSVP, fill out forms, and much more-all without leaving your Gmail.

"With AMP for email, information in email messages can be dynamic, kept up-to-date and made actionable", Google AMP project engineering lead Malte Ubl said in a blog post. Our team can easily create attractive, media-rich stories that our users will now be able to access quickly across the web. AMP for Email should mean fewer excursions outside of your inbox, since a relatively full experience of a site you'd previously have switched to a browser to get will now be available right there among your other messages. When Google enabled 'search' within Gmail, it was the biggest hint that it wanted a break away from the past. The truth of the matter is, email can be more interactive-it should offer you an avenue to do just more than sending and receiving mails. It confirmed that Pinterest and are among the first companies to test AMP for Email.

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