Alexa loses her voice in Amazon Super Bowl tease starring Jeff Bezos

Amazon Alexa Can Now Send Text Messages to Any Number in the US

Alexa can send SMS messages using your voice

As TechCrunch highlights, getting set up to send SMS messages with Alexa requires a small bit of prep.

Amazon has revealed a Send SMS feature which allows users to ask Alexa to send an SMS using an Alexa-enabled device. You need to navigate to your Alexa app and tap on the Conversations icon.

Previous year the app introduced a new feature that lets users which it will then turn it into voice navigations, a route Amazon may possibly go down. Select "Contacts", then "My Profile". All the texts sent would reflect in the smartphone's text app, notes CNN.

It is also possible to specify to Alexa that you want to send a text message if you don't want your device to use the Alexa messaging service.

Jeff Bezos takes a cameo role in the ad, fixing his menacing stare on an underling when she tells him the bad news that Alexa has lost her voice.

However, there is a catch: Messaging through Alexa is now only available for Android users in the US.

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Alexa devices gain SMS functionality in the latest update.

Other voice assistants like Apple's Siri and Google Assistant can send SMS texts from iOS and Android smartphones.

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Approach your Echo device, which should be powered on and connected to your local Wi-Fi, and say, "Send an SMS to [contact name]".

The feature is live on all Alexa devices that support Alexa calling and messaging, and does not work on third-party devices at this point.

To date, messaging with Alexa has meant sending screeds using Amazon's in-house system, which doesn't do you much good if your recipient doesn't have an Echo speaker.

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