Twitter Says World Leaders Like Trump Have Special Status

Twitter Says World Leaders Like Trump Have Special Status

Twitter Says World Leaders Like Trump Have Special Status

In a short statement posted to their blog, Twitter have explained why that is.

Twitter insists statements by Trump and other world leaders need to be seen in the context of the existing political climate.

"Elected world leaders play a critical role" in global, public conversation "because of their outsized impact on our society", Twitter said in the statement, which was posted to its site.

He most recently stirred widespread controversy and fear with a taunting Tweet directed at the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that appeared to threaten a possible nuclear attack.

Some even argue that Trump's Twitter threats are an exercise in nuclear deterrence and can be categorized more as bizarrely articulated military policy than the kind of tweet that might violate Twitter's rules banning "specific threats of violence".

Ultimately, Twitter said Friday, prohibiting world leaders from using its service would be ineffective, because it would "not silence" them but "would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions".

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Two senior Democratic senators asked the country's intelligence chief Thursday to assess the national security risks of President Donald Trump's tweets on North Korea. We work hard to remain unbiased with the public interest in mind.

Senators Martin Heinrich and Ron Wyden asked the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats, to "assess the risk to the United States and to USA interests and personnel" arising from a tweet Trump posted on January 2. "We are working to make Twitter the best place to see and freely discuss everything that matters".

If you're still using Twitter, you probably won't be surprised by the fact that the company retains its right to impose its own rules selectively - after all, it's been doing so for years.

"Exposure to different viewpoints can help people learn from one another, become more tolerant, and make decisions about the type of society we want to live in."

The President made national headlines earlier this week when he issued a stark warning to Kim Jong Un regarding America's unwillingness to co-exist with a nuclear-armed North Korea; saying the United States has a much "bigger and more powerful" arsenal at its disposal.

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