Super blue blood moon eclipse 2018: What is a supermoon?

Украинцы станут свидетелями кровавого лунного затмения

Named the exact date

States such as Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona are far enough west that the moon is above the horizon for totality.

"Lunar eclipses are much more common, of course, than solar eclipses, such as we saw last August", Pierce said.

Imposing, attractive and unique in concept, the 30-storey aluminium and glass building which houses Yayasan Sabah Group Headquarters, the Menara Tun Mustapha in Likas, will be one of the locations in the country to observe the total lunar eclipse on 31 January. The moon orbits about once per month, so the supermoon could happen every month. The total lunar eclipse will be marked by a Blood moon where the moon will have a reddish appearance. But twice in each lunar cycle, the moon does cross into our planet's orbital plane. January's first full moon rose the first night of the month, and was also a big, bright supermoon.

The lunar eclipse will occur just before the moon sets in the west. Though not uncommon separately, this is the first time all three will happen at the same time since 1866, according to NASA. When the Earth is in the way of the Sun's rays, they pass through our atmosphere, scattering the spectrum green-to-violet in a bigger way than what's left: the red. As Donald W. Olson, Richard Tresch Fienberg, and Roger Sinnott write for Sky and Telescope, the blue moon disagreement can be traced back to 1946, when James Hugh Pruett wrote an article for Sky and Telescope called "Once in a Blue Moon".

Newsweek spoke with NASA planetary geologist Sarah Noble about everything we need to know about January 31's astronomical treat. Then, light that has traveled 93 million miles from the sun is refracted through a thin layer of air (if the Earth were a basketball, the atmosphere would only be the thickness of a few sheets of paper).

What makes this supermoon rare are the other two titles that we get to tack on, one of which is "blue". If it's not too late for you to get to the west (or to the east if you live in Asia), to where you can see the super blue blood moon, it will be well worth the effort.

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Why should the moon have any color at all if it's inside dark shadow? While that is mostly true, sometimes we get two in one month, something that is referred to as a "blue moon". The third is now due to arrive at the end of the month. Speaking of color, the January 31st full moon is the second of the month, which by current interpretation makes it a Blue Moon. When the Moon is closest, it is at its orbital perigee, which is why a Super Moon is also known as a Perigee Moon.

But if you remove the blue moon element, which is just an effect of how we've structured our calendar, "Super Blood Moons" aren't all that rare.

Viewing in the Central time zone will be somewhat better. The closest point in its orbit is called the perigee.

While some are calling this a "blood moon", the term has a murky definition.

On January 31, the moon will enter the penumbra at 4.20 pm and the umbra at 5.20 pm.

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