No One Knew How To Take Seth Meyers' Harvey Weinstein Joke

NATION-NOW     2018 Golden Globes How to watch and what you need to know     
       2018 Golden Globes Everything you need to know

NATION-NOW 2018 Golden Globes How to watch and what you need to know 2018 Golden Globes Everything you need to know

"Harvey Weinstein isn't here tonight because I've heard he's insane and hard to work with".

Luckily, Meyers has had plenty of experience walking a tricky tightrope as host of NBC's Late Night, where he has to grapple daily with an avalanche of political chaos. Meyers began. In terms of being the first out hosting an awards show in this climate-and a straight white male at that-Meyers compared himself to the first dog shot into outer space.

"It will influence everything from Seth Meyers' monologue to impassioned acceptance speeches to the fashion".

And while the topics of sexual harassment and gender inequality are serious, Meyers did his best to lighten the mood.

Meyers took aim squarely at the culture of sexism and misogyny in Hollywood that allowed abusers like Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and dozens more to continue harassing and yet gain power, often unabatedly, for decades. After a red carpet hour (plus) in which supportive actors of both sexes explained why they were wearing black in solidarity with the Time's Up initiative and the #MeToo movement, Meyers reminded the audience exactly why Hollywood has become ground zero for combatting workplace sexual harassment.

Turning his attention to Weinstein, Meyers said, "Time to address the elephant not in the room: Harvey Weinstein isn't in the room ... he'll be back in 20 years when he's the first person booed in the in memoriam".

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"Good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen", Meyers said as he started off the evening. "It's been years since a white man was this nervous in Hollywood", he joked.

Meyers joked about when Seth Rogen, rather than Trump, "was the guy making trouble with North Korea", referring to Rogen's movie "The Interview". But during the opening of Sunday's 75th Annual Golden Globes, host Seth Meyers nailed the ones he could.

The most surprising barb from Meyers was directed toward Woody Allen, whose past behavior Hollywood stars, even those vocal about believing women victims, are infamously reticent to comment on.

While rattling off some of the events of the year, Meyers noted, "They're gonna do another season of 'House of Cards.' Is Christopher Plummer available for that, too? I hope he can do a Southern accent because Kevin Spacey sure couldn't". "They tried to get a woman to host this show, they really did. They said 'hey, how would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood, and women were like 'well, where is it?' They said it's at a hotel, and long story short, I'm your host tonight".

Then Meyers threw this setup to comedian Billy Eichner: "Call Me by Your Name is nominated for Best Motion Picture".

The Golden Globes are handed out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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