James Franco Blocks Tommy Wiseau From Finally Getting His Golden Globes Moment

All black Ewan MacGregor's pin stood out clearly against his all-black suit

All black Ewan MacGregor's pin stood out clearly against his all-black suit

Unlike most stars, who typically take the stage solo, Franco brought Wiseau and his brother (and co-star) Dave Franco up to the stage with him.

Franco had promised to bring Tommy Wiseau to the Golden Globes after being nominated for The Disaster Artist, and that's what he did at the awards night. Therefore, Tommy Wiseau - who has a brief cameo in the film - finally made it to a major awards show.

Franco beat out his fellow "brothers", Steve Carell, Ansel Elgort, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Kaluuya to win his first Golden Globe. "I'm not invited.'" James then did his best Tommy impression as he referenced the fact that Tommy was never recognised for his film, saying, "'I know they don't want me. "Whatever you think of I, Tonya, don't have Tonya Harding at awards shows like, 'It's time she had her moment!' It's gross", tweeted entertainment writer Mark Harris.

"'I'm very happy to share this moment with him today", Franco added. "I don't wait for them, I make my own movie, '" Franco said.

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Still, Franco did not let him speak. James "gay in my art" Franco delivered steamy porn pounding with King Cobra, which was after he annexed gay culture for Interior. "He said to his best friend Greg [Sestero, who starred in The Room], 'So what?"

The 39-year-old Franco later shifted to earnest in his speech, saying the movie was a honest story of friendship, thanking Rogen and his brother Dave, who co-starred as his best friend in the film.

As for Wiseau, he still comes out a victor to us.

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