HP issues worldwide battery recall due to fire, burn hazards

Product lines which include affected units

Product lines which include affected units

HP has issued a battery recall notice for a number of its laptops and mobile workstations sold over the last two years due to concerns that the battery inside these machines could be unsafe and a fire hazard.

The recall involves lithium-ion batteries for HP Notebook computers and mobile workstations.

Among the incident reports were three reports of property damage, totalling US$4,500, as well as one case where a customer suffered a first-degree burn to the hand.

The US Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) says about 50,000 units are affected.

Consumers should visit HP.com to check if their battery is included in the recall and for instructions on how to enable "battery safe mode".

The recalled batteries, which were manufactured in China, were sold from December 2015 until last month in various retail stores and online. That might sound like a small percentage, but given how many devices HP shifts in a year, it's still likely to be a fairly substantial figure.

Some were the default batteries sold with the computer, while others were accessories or replacements provided through HP.

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HP issued a statement to stay: "The quality and safety of all HP products is our top priority".

The affected models were sold via a number of third-party retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy, as well as through HP's own website.

"We are taking immediate action to address this issue including a voluntary recall and replacement of the batteries".

Those who are impacted can request a no-cost replacement through HP's website.

Accepting Battery Safety Mode causes the battery to discharge and to cease future charging until Battery Safety Mode is disabled. HP says it "strongly recommends" using this mode if you're affected.

For customers with further questions, HP has set up a detailed FAQ on the battery recall. The most important thing users can do is check to see if their notebook battery is affected.

There, users will find a special HP Battery Validation Utility to download with the utility telling customers if their battery is affected.

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