How Google fights Android malware

A woman holds her smart phone which displays the Google home page in this

A woman holds her smart phone which displays the Google home page in this

Ahn was proud to point out that in addition to removing more apps, they were able to identify and remove them more quickly too.

The quarter saw Google Play widen its lead over the App Store to 145 per cent in achieving its highest quarter ever to surpass 19bn new downloads internationally. The US had the strongest year-over-year growth, while South Korea took the second spot for Google Play, and Taiwan for the App Store. The company claimed that most of these apps, 99 percent, were removed before they were downloaded and installed by users. When you look at 2016, there was about a 70 percent increase in the apps removed between 2016 and 2017. Companies write their policies once and, from that point forward, Appthority automatically monitors every app in their managed Google Play deployment and ensures that the apps available to employees comply with company requirements.

Google put all of the various malware scanning under Google Play Protect a year ago. Google took down more than 250,000 of these apps in the past year. The Android operating system automatically performs scans on installed applications to hunt for anything that's out of place, and users can also manually trigger scans of their Android smartphones right in the updates section. "Famous titles get a lot of search traffic for particular keywords, so the bad actors try to amass installs leveraging such traffic", explained Andrew Ahn, Product Manager, Google Play.

This news today is part of a larger shift I've seen over how Google handles Android. Tens of thousands of apps featuring inappropriate content like pornography, extreme violence, hate and illegal activities were also pulled. It's also nice to know that most of the rejected apps were copycats that hoped to score some coin by mimicking other apps. While maintained a strong position with over 30 percent penetration among phone users, App Annie said, other fintech launches such as, Jio Wallet, and could further shake up the market. They offered together 5.6 million apps for German users.

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And lastly, we get to the Potentially Harmful Applications, which are a type of malware that can harm people or their devices.

The PHA includes those that are malware or those that are trying to commit fraud without your consent or knowledge.

Google Play Protect took several security measures that were already present in Android and improved them. These infected apps were downloaded up-to 7 million times before they were removed from circulation by Google.

Tell us in the comments what you think of all of this news. Google said it had taken down more than 250,000 copycat apps in 2017.

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