Cities across the globe welcome New Year

New Year's Eve celebrations kick off as world welcomes in 2018

New Year Eve celebrations: NZ's Auckland first world city to welcome 2018

Spectacular fireworks have lit up the skies in Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere in Asia as revellers rang in 2018.

New Zealanders first welcomed the new year Sky fireworks in Auckland's Sky Towers, while in Sydney, Australia, millions of tourists were present at the New Year's reception near the Opera House. The New Year obviously arrives at different times for different countries across the globe.

On the other hand, pyrotechnics also marked the arrival of 2018 in New Zealand where people were seen partying hard to celebrate the new year.

Sydney Harbour was lit up by fireworks.

A major windstorm was causing problems in Scotland, but organisers expected Edinburgh's famed Hogmany New Year's Eve celebration to be unaffected.

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Sydney fireworks wowed the crowds around the harbour which was jammed to capacity by midnight.

As the new year dawned in this southern hemisphere nation, fireworks boomed and crackled above city centers and harbors, and party-goers sang, hugged, danced, and kissed.

SkyCity spokesman Brad Burnett said the Sky Tower fireworks display is an important focal point for the city's celebrations. Police in the central city of Zhengzhou are putting 3,500 officers on duty across the city while residents gather to watch a light show and cultural performance in a public square.

Samoa, a country comprising the westernmost group of Polynesia's Samoan Islands where less than 200,000 people live, was once one of the last places in the world to celebrate the New Year. Not everyone starts their New Year when you do.

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