Apple's Next iOS To Add Battery Monitoring, Business Chat, AR Tools

Apple announces effortless solution bringing health records to iPhone

iPhone users will be able to download medical records from hospitals after Apple software update

Just like the iPhone X, the iPad Pro 2018 would rely exclusively on the facial recognition scanner to unlock the device and authenticate transactions. Let's take a look at what's new.

Users would also be able to see if the power management feature that prevents unexpected shutdowns is on and can choose to turn it off.

The move, which was brought about in response to customers claiming that the firm has no right to manipulate the performance of its older smartphones, was tipped by Apple CEO Tim Cook during an interview with ABC News last week.

Apple is embracing the trend to update its iOS regularly and has revealed some new features coming to iOS 11.3. The software update will also improve security for HomeKit devices, upgrade music video playback in the Apple Music service, add a new video section to Apple News and send location information to emergency services during a call. This allows you to stream videos inside the app, rather than having to store them inside your videos app.

Another feature that will be present in iOS 11.3 is Advanced Mobile Location, which allows first responders to locate someone within a few inches using a combination of WiFi, cellular signals and Global Positioning System. Apple says Messages will support Business Chats, allowing businesses to communicate directly with users. Among the companies that will support Business Chat when it comes out are Discover, Hilton, Lowe's, and Wells Fargo.

Justice Department threatens to subpoena 23 sanctuary cities, including Albany
Following Wednesday's comments by Sessions, prominent players in the immigration arena in Denver issued statements. Last year, the Bernalillo County Commission voted against rolling back its immigrant-friendly status .

The latter capability is something Apple had promised after news emerged late past year that it was throttling the performance of older iPhones with aging batteries.

The tvOS 11.3 public beta can be obtained by going to the Settings app on Apple TV, navigating to "System", then to "Software Updates", followed by toggling on "Get Public Beta Updates". Some of the highlights include updates to ARKit, Animoji, and more. While Apple hasn't offered any explanation, it would appear that recent complaints by customers about a lack of transparency in how it updates and modifies the performance of customers' devices prompted the company to be more open about its plans. They can also opt to receive notifications when their information is updated.

It may also be part of a trend. The feature is meant to help users see all their available medical data from multiple providers.

If that's the case, it's a useful trend.

In a statement Wednesday, Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams said the company's goal is to "help consumers live a better day".

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