Tokyo-bound flight turns back after four hours due to ''unauthorised person''

The ANA 175 flight was forced to turn back to LAX over an

Tokyo-bound flight turns back after four hours due to ''unauthorised person''

The model Chrissy Teigen was one of more than 200 passengers on an All Nippon Airways flight that left Los Angeles at 11:36 Tuesday morning and arrived (safely!) at 7:33 p.m. - in Los Angeles.

Teigen sent out several other tweets, saying she wouldn't be able to sleep until she found out how the person on the flight figured out "they were on the wrong flight". The 32-year-old model and enthusiastic cook, who is now pregnant with her second child, updated fans on her celebrations sharing her menu on Twitter and also posting a video showing off what her father got her and John for Christmas. The shame!) to frustration ("Why did we all get punished for this one person's mistake?" We are on ANA.

After landing back at LAX, things got even more interesting and Teigen held it together by Tweeting every second of her adventure.

The flight from LAX to Tokyo is about 12 hours long.

101-year-old Olivia de Havilland will not let her beef with Ryan Murphy and his Feud TV show die, and I can only dream about having as much persistence as she has after over a century on this floating shitbox. "150 people have been majorly inconvenienced, please, just tell me", she tweeted. So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere ...

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The pilot of Flight 175 chose to return to the originating airport as part of the airline's security procedures, ANA said in statements that apologized to passengers but supported the decision.

It may seem outrageous, but it is surprisingly common for planes to return to their point of origin midway through a flight, analysts said. The man, instead, had a ticket for a United Airways flight, according to reports.

The flight finally took off about five hours ago.

"We take great pride providing exemplary customer service, and on this flight we failed to do so", the statement said.

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