This 16 year-old got into Harvard

Aryton Little

Aryton Little

A video showing a 16-year-old student's reaction to finding out he got into Harvard became an internet sensation. Once he saw he'd been admitted, the Opelousas, Louisiana, native jumped for joy and screamed.

Little also retweeted a future Yale student's acceptance video Thursday, saying, "Y'all thought it was just me??"

Students surrounding Aytron when he learned of his acceptance to the Ivy League school started chanting "three-peat" in recognition of a student being accepted to an Ivy League school for the past three years.

Ever since Little revealed his admission to Harvard on social media, he has been getting wishes from everywhere.

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Ayrton later said, "I'm happy I got into Harvard but I'm even happier because I've made my mother incredibly proud". "I honestly don't know when the excitement will die down at this point", the teenager told Huffington Post.

Little's older brother, Alexander, was accepted to Stanford University in an equally joyous viral video. "My brother and I realized that we have done the impossible", he said.

He plans to study math and computer science in his graduation and wants to open "a nonprofit to help children from my community gets to the position that I'm now in", he told HuffPost.

He said he hopes to 'find a job on Wall Street with the intention of opening a nonprofit to help children from my community get to the position that I'm now in'.

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