Snapchat's New Feature Lets You Look Back At 2017

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Snapchat's New Feature Lets You Look Back At 2017

After a shaky year of slow growth and missed targets, Snapchat is reportedly developing a new product to jump start user growth.

Get ready to see Snapchat stories everywhere! The social media app announced December 28 they would be launching A Look Back at 2017, a new feature that allows over 158 million Snapchat users to share their favorite photos and memories of 2017 with their friends.

To end the closed nature of its platform, Snapchat is creating a new distribution method called Stories Everywhere, which would allow its content to be embedded on other platforms and pages.

Snapchat Stories are videos from publishers and personalities that stay up for a 24-hour period and typically highlight special events. The idea is to boost the presence of Snapchat beyond just its mobile app. If you don't like the options that Snapchat selects for you, the team at Snap says that you will be able to edit it.

Image snapchat
Image snapchat

The company is also contemplating to allow other apps to access its users' videos.

Snap Inc CEO and founder Evan Spiegel had recently expressed regret at not having focussed on Android-based smartphones.

According to Cheddar, Snap also restructured its content division around four executives: Mike Su, who will oversee content-related product development; Michael DiBenedetto, who will lead content strategy and operations; Sean Mills, who will oversee original content; and Josh Stone, who will lead media company relations. These videos which are curated via algorithms and Snap employees cover everything from breaking news videos to sports games.

Cheddar indicated that exactly like this Twitter back in 2011 made its Tweets to be done off-platform for the first time. Unfortunately, it did not come close to Instagram Stories' active users of 300 million per month.

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