Resident Arrested In Ricin Incident At Shelburne Retirement Community

Wake Robin recently closed on $67 million in financing

Wake Robin recently closed on $67 million in financing

The court documents state the day before, Miller told health care providers she had tried to poison other residents at Wake Robin and that she drove to the University of Vermont Medical Center for evaluation and observation.

Miller appeared in court on Friday, the Free Press reports, where the judge made a reference to her "mental health history". She was placed in custody and was scheduled to be in court again on Wednesday. Miller also indicated that she meant to injure herself and wanted to test the Ricin on other residents.

Miller said she ultimately wanted to use the ricin for self-harm and made a decision to test the effectiveness of the poison on her fellow residents on three separate occasions.

The Health Department said they became aware on Friday of one person who most likely fell ill with ricin poisoning but said no one is now sick.

She added that she found instructions online and then used 30 to 40 castor beans from plants growing on the property to make the ricin. On at least three occasions, Miller exposed other residents to the Ricin she had produced by placing it on food and/or in beverages she expected them to ingest.

Investigators found a pill bottle half full with powder labeled as ricin in a basket in a kitchen cabinet of Miller's apartment a midst other pill bottles labeled "apple seed", "cherry seed" and "yew seed", the complaint said.

A team made of members from the state's Hazardous Material Response Team and the Vermont National Guard's 15th Civil Support Team went into Miller's residence at Wake Robin to look for suspicious powders and test for ricin. Ingestion of the poison causes vomiting, bloody diarrhea and hallucinations, according to health officials.

No residents reported symptoms of ricin poisoning at the time.

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The FBI said none of the residents reported symptoms consistent with ricin poisoning.

"This was an isolated incident".

Ricin is found naturally in castor beans that can be treated to form a powder that can be inhaled or ingested. Ricin is a highly toxic substance that only takes a few grains the size of table salt to kill a human. By her own admission, she administered those substances to other residents in order to test their efficacy. "They all came back negative", Truman said. Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine met with staff and residents to discuss the situation and answer questions, he said.

In his written statement, McKee thanked responders, investigators, staff and residents.

Miller lived alone with her dog in unit 110 on the ground floor of a three-story building at Wake Robin.

According to the search warrant in the investigation, in addition to her unit number and last name, Miller's apartment door also had a sign saying: "I wish I could be the person my dog thinks I am".

On Nov. 30, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents with special training relating to hazardous material conducted searches of Wake Robin and Miller's vehicle.

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