Netflix accused of spying on users after 'creepy' tweet

A Christmas Prince

Netflix's A Christmas Prince Netflix

The company has picked up criticism this week, after revealing that 53 people watched A Christmas Prince 18 days in a row.

'Why are you calling people out like that Netflix?' asked one user, to which the account responded: 'I just want to make sure you're okay'.

Lifetime, a go-to for sappy Christmas movies, tweeted that they were happy to welcome the Christmas Prince viewers with open arms.

Netflix isn't stalking you, they swear. They know what movies they watch and when they stop watching them and what they watch after that. (Hi, Google, you're looking particularly attractive these days.) While it shouldn't raise any eyebrows that Netflix knows exactly how many times you've rewatched Parks and Rec this year, it is interesting to consider the ramifications of this data being accessible to different groups within the company.

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Netflix has issued a statement after posting a controversial tweet about users' viewing habits.

But the A Christmas Prince fans weren't the only ones called out by the year-end review, such as the single Netflix user in the United Kingdom who has watched Bee Movie a total of 357 times.

The company poked fun at subscribers who have watched a little known holiday film A Christmas Prince over and over. Netflix, after all, produced and promoted the movie, which is in the vein of an uplifting, unapologetically cheery Hallmark film. For example, among other such ads, the campaign called out a single person with a billboard that said: "Dear person who made a playlist called: 'One Night Stand With Jeb Bush Like He's a Bond Girl in a European Casino.' We have so many questions".

The popular streaming service revealed in a recent tweet that it knows everything you're watching at home, and in some cases, will give you a hard time about it.

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