Microsoft Brings New AI Capabilities to Bing, Cortana, Office 365, and Azure

New Artificial Intelligence Features To Office 365

Microsoft is giving Bing more intelligence—and a dash of Reddit

"We believe that AI comes down to one thing: people", Microsoft AI and research VP Dr Harry Shum gushed during a presentation to Silicon Valley's tech press in San Francisco on Wednesday.

In 2017, we rolled out several new capabilities in Outlook that help users automatically detect trips and deliveries, triage email, schedule meetings, and more.

AI additions have been made to Cortana, Bing and Office 365, as well as new features added to the Seeing AI app on iOS.

Cortana will soon be able to sort your mail and provide summaries of the most important ones. The feature could be useful for busy professionals with a constantly full inbox.

Cortana's new skills chaining feature will suggest a follow-up skill based on the action you have just completed. Much like how Google is using machine learning in the same way.

For business professionals who require quick insights from smaller sets of data, the automated option could be helpful. With the update, Bing would prompt users to supply more information on what they are searching for. Acronyms will begin rolling out to Word Online for Office 365 commercial subscribers in 2018.

"A new partnership with Reddit, to bring information from the Reddit community to Bing". The problem is that the exodus away from Google never really happened, leaving Microsoft working hard to compete in the search market. Or they might want a variety of answers, so they can get different perspectives on a topic. The company presented the ways in which it will use AI in its Bing search engine.

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On more complicated questions - is there a god? The company says this is part of an effort to "acknowledge that sometimes a question doesn't have a clear black and white answer".

Users are increasingly looking for opinions instead of simple facts like addresses or phone numbers, the release said.

To this Microsoft plans to add new technologies such as Tap in Word, which will take a Delve-like approach of digging through relevant documents to find an appropriate chart or graph.

Talking of updates, the representative said that Microsoft wants to make Bing more interactive, and the latest updates would help do that. Seeing both sides of an argument may make users more informed and can help prepare for counterpoints.

For example, if you buy tickets for an event through Cortana, it will suggest that you also place a reminder about the event in your digital calendar.

Cortana will be able to organize emails based on importance, summarizing the most important ones to update the user.

The software vendor wants to help users avoid the "intimidating" challenge of extracting data from Excel with the preview of Insights, which automatically highlights patterns it detects.

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