Google just brought back play and pause buttons to the Home Mini

Google needs a multitouch expert for its Echo Show rival

Upcoming Google Home speakers might feature multi-touch controls

While the Google Home Mini isn't flawless, it's still a very good option when it comes to getting your feet wet with a smart speaker. Google is rolling out a new feature which will allow you to operate the speaker for playing and pausing the device whatever you're listening to.

Interestingly, the above functions aren't anything new with the smart speaker.

While Google is rumored to be developing a speaker that features a touchscreen to compete with Amazon's Echo Show, this description for a "Touch Sensor Hardware Engineer" suggests it is for a screen-less device. The company will now apparently bring the features back to the Home Mini. Well, it's happened again for the Google Home Mini, only this time it ain't a joke, folks: this is a legitimate way to get a line-out from Google's miniature speaker.

According to the job posting, those offered the position will "work on the next generation of Google Hardware to enable the best multi-touch user experience".

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However, you will be able to play or pause music, end phone calls, and silence alarms by performing a long press on either side of the device.

Isabelle Olsson, lead designer for home hardware for Google, Inc., introduces the new Google Home Mini at a product launch event, October 4, 2017, at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco, California. The ability to summon Google Assistant with a tap will not be shifted by any chance to the sides.

Whilst the functionality is only contained in the preview software thus far, it should roll out to all Google Home Mini users shortly, pending acceptance by users on the Google Home Beta program.

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