Census: Wyoming lost more residents than any other state

Iowa's growth rate is at 0.47 percent.									Posted Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM					Updated Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM

Iowa's growth rate is at 0.47 percent. Posted Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM Updated Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM

Rhode Island is now just 157 residents away from losing one of its two U.S. House seats, which would give the state a single vote there for the first time since George Washington was president, according to an analysis of newly released population data.

Meanwhile, all of Illinois' neighboring states experienced population growth in 2017. It increased its population by 2.2 percent, which took just under 37,000 new residents to accomplish.

States in the west and south saw the greatest population growth. Its population increased 2.2 percent to 1.7 million from July 1, 2016, to July 1, 2017.

The state has added almost 200,000 new residents since 2010, when its population was just over 1.5 million, the Idaho Statesman reported.

The population figures are closely watched as a sign of what will happen when congressional maps are redrawn after the 2020 Census.

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IL is no longer the fifth-largest state in the U.S., according to data released December 20 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Eight states, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois, West Virginia and Wyoming had negative growth, or the number of people being born and moving in is less than the number dying and moving out. The number of voting-age Americans grew to 252.1 million - a near 1 percent increase over the year. It's a.72 percent growth nationwide.

The Census Bureau released on Wednesday the latest population estimates by state.

Eastern Idaho is tied with south-central Idaho for lowest unemployment rate: 2.6 percent. Wyoming has around 579,000 individuals while the Land of Lincoln has more than 6.6 million. Bridgeport, despite a one-year loss, grew by 1.2 percent since 2010. Net global migration decreased 1.8% - the first drop since 2012 to 2013. And that was enough to overtake IL as the fifth-largest state in the country.

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