Veterans Day ceremony at Carroll High

Spring Mills Middle School's 'Patriots' honor veterans

Staley High School students give hero's welcome ahead of Veterans Day

Along with moments of silence and saluting veterans, students decorated halls as Walls of Honor, showcasing photos of family members whom served in the military.

Preschoolers sing during Sanchez Elementary School's Veterans Day celebration.

Saturday is Veterans Day, but on Friday, Windom held a program was held to honor those who've served. The students and staff work really hard on this every year.

The Wasilla High School Air Force Junior ROTC opened up the program with a Color Presentation that displayed their pride of wearing military uniform.

It was a patriotic scene at the Custer Armory as the entire district gathered to honor Veteran's day.

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Cub Scout from Pack 25 says, "It makes me feel good to let them know that we still care about them because they did fight for our freedom". As Miller's story stimulated curious minds, some students mingled around veterans to hear about their stories.

Pettyjohn said the Veterans Day assembly is important, "giving students exposure to something they wouldn't normally see". "We couldn't have done a lot of this without their support".

"They provided us with coffee and doughnuts to supply to our guests, which is great", Melonas said. "I hope for the kids seeing us today that this is the closest they will ever get to experiencing war".

The students said it took about a month to put the program together but it was all worth it to honor the veterans.

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