Trump Tweets Thoughts and Prayers To Wrong Shooting Victims

Donald Trump is accused of tweeting condolences to the WRONG mass shooting by 'copy and pasting' church shooting

Donald Trump Is Slammed On Twitter For Tweeting Condolences About The Wrong Mass Shooting

So, either Trump was doubling down on his condolences (I guess?), or he meant to tweet about the mass shooting in Northern California that spanned several locations and left at least five dead.

Four people were killed and several children were injured when a gunman stormed Rancho Tehama Elementary School in California on Tuesday in the latest U.S. mass shooting.

The mass shooting in Sutherland Springs occurred nine days earlier, on November 5, when Trump tweeted a very similar message, minus the last sentence, noting that he was in Japan at the time. "The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived", he tweeted late Tuesday, shortly after returning from a 12-day trip to Asia. However, people on social media accused Trump of copying and pasting his heartfelt condolences, given the similarity between the tweet on November 5 and the one sent out on Tuesday night. The new one is in California'. It was deleted around eight hours later according to a report from Huffington Post.

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Police shot and killed the gunman in the California attack yesterday, saying the shooting spree started as a "domestic violence" incident.

Another Twitter user wrote: 'He's mixed up mass shootings, confusing the one last week in Texas with the one in California today.

Seven people, including children, are being treated for gunshot wounds.

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