Saudi Arabia urges urgent Arab League meeting on Iran

UAE, Bahrain agree on Saudi demand to hold emergency meeting

Saudi Arabia urges urgent Arab League meeting on Iran

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said the missile program was defensive and unrelated to the 2015 nuclear deal that the country signed with the six world leaders, according to a statement published on ministry's website.

Qassemi urged France to pursue "realistic, fair and far-sighted" policies on the ongoing developments in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.

During a visit to the Gulf, Macron blamed Iran for a ballistic missile launch by Yemeni rebels targeting Saudi Arabia last weekend. He raised the prospect of possible sanctions with regard to those activities.

Iran denies the allegations and says its missiles are needed for self-defense and that its nuclear program has purely peaceful aims.

In his interview with the Time magazine, Macron also appeared to be supporting Washington's position on Iran's ballistic missile capabilities. "So we should negotiate a new series of criteria and a new treaty with Iran to stop their ballistic activities in the region", he said, adding that Iran's role in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen "destabilizes a lot of people and the whole region".

"The French president perfectly knows that making such claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran fits no reality of the past decades' realities in the Middle East", highlighted the Iranian diplomat.

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Qassemi finally noted that Iran expects the French government to adopt tangible measures including pressurizing its allies into immediately stopping their war and bloodshed in Yemen in order to establish ceasefire and restore peace and stability to the country.

Trump announced last month that he will no longer certify Iran's compliance, despite the United Nations nuclear agency's reports verifying Iran's full commitment.

Macron also said there was no immediate alternative to the Iranian nuclear deal - long lambasted by U.S. President Donald Trump - which curbs Iran's nuclear program.

The United States Congress now has 60 days to reimpose nuclear sanctions.

Moscow fears that dismantling the JCPOA would jeopardize global security.

"Like what was done in 2015 for the nuclear activities, it's necessary to put a framework in place for Iran's ballistic activities and open a process, with sanctions if needed, of negotiation that would enable [an agreement]", he added.

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