Russia's Defence Ministry to investigate wrong photos used on Syria statement



The Russian defence ministry attempted to pass off an image from a video game as "irrefutable evidence" that the United States was cooperating with Isil in Syria.

To make things worse for Russia's Ministry of Defense, they didn't completely crop out the "development footage" disclaimer.

The original post by the Russian Ministry of Defence shared the following message, along with some screenshots one of which was taken from footage of AC-130 Gunship Simulator.

The Russian Defense Ministry made a fool of itself today when it posted on Twitter and Facebook "irrefutable evidence" that the USA aided ISIS, which turned out to be screengrabs from a well-known video game and a video published online by the Iraqi military in 2016.

The tweet above was one of many precautions that was taken by those who saw the tweet in case it would be removed from the Russian Twitter account.

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The ministry said it would investigate the incident, which it said was caused by a civilian employee, but did not say how or why the pictures used were incorrect.

"Such actions by the coalition show that the rapid advance of the Syrian troops in Abu Kamal have disrupted USA plans to create pro-American authorities beyond the control of the Syrian government, and to manage the territories on the eastern bank of the Euphrates", it said. In the top-right corner, you can see the beginnings of the statement from the video that claims the footage shown was work-in-progress gameplay and that all of the content shown is subject to change.

It also accused the US-led coalition of carrying out air operations in the area to interfere with possible Russian strikes, and alleged that IS forces were disguising themselves as US-backed SDF fighters.

On Tuesday, Russian state-owned media outlet TASS blamed the ordeal on a "civil service employee".

The ministry's official account said the black-and-white images were taken on November 9 near the Syria-Iraq border and provided "irrefutable proof that the providing cover to IS combat units. As proof, the MoD's social media account posted what they claimed were Russian drone photos of the convoy heading towards the Syrian-Iraqi border", the group said.

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