Meet the Transgender Americans Who Won on Election Day

Trans Woman Andrea Jenkins Elected to Minneapolis City Council

Who Is Andrea Jenkins? First African-American Trans Woman Elected To Public Office

Observers, though, say the election of Cunningham and Jenkins was part of a wave of transgender candidates across the country.

In Minneapolis' ranked-choice system, Jenkins received 73.09 percent of first-pick votes.

Jenkins has 12 years of experience as a campaign aide to other city council members. She argued that Marshall had spent too much of his energy in office tackling social issues like the bathroom bill.

Jenkins picked up endorsements from the Minneapolis Star Tribune as well as Congressman Keith Ellison while running a campaign emphasizing affordable housing, raising the minimum wage and fair policing.

Lisa Middleton, elected to the Palm Springs City Council, is the first openly trans person to win a legislative seat in the state of California.

Danica Roem, who took in her win slightly earlier Tuesday evening, won a seat in Virginia, becoming the first openly transgender woman of any race to be elected into state legislature. Althea Garrison was elected in MA in 1992, but did not disclose that she was transgender - she was outed as being transgender after she won her race and then did not win reelection.

Roem has become the first openly transgender person to serve in the House of Delegates after defeating Republican incumbent Del.

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Jenkins said their victories will "encourage young transgender people to keep on fighting, to keep on living, because we can be active and productive members of our community".

Jenkins, 56, said she believes her and Roem's victories are proof numerous nation's communities won't succumb to hatred, bigotry or transphobia - and are willing to fight for social justice and equality for all minority groups.

"This is about the people of the 13thDistrict disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias. where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it".

"We're really trying to bring some resources to underserved, underinvested communities", she said.

In a historic win, Andrea Jenkins has secured the Ward 8 seat on the Minneapolis City Council. "So far, two trans women elected tonight!"

Jenkins has been a long-time trans activist and has worked in the public service for 30 years. Danica Roem became the nation's first openly transgender state lawmaker by winning a Virginia Statehouse seat.

Tyler Titus, elected to the Erie, Penn., School Board, is the first openly trans person ever elected in Pennsylvania. "When people try to enact policies that are going to be detrimental to [marginalized] communities, I can be that voice to derail that, to stop that, to resist", Jenkins said in the video.

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