Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins will return for sequel

Wonder Woman Justice League

Patty Jenkins is officially set to helm the DC Extended Universe’s second Wonder Woman installment

As reported by Variety, Patty Jenkins will both direct and write Wonder Woman 2.

After giving DC its most successful filmWonder Woman this year, Patty Jenkins is officially set to return as the director for its sequel.

There is little doubt that the film wouldn't have achieved such instantaneous blockbuster status without Gadot's on-camera charisma, and she's as celebrated overseas as she is at home - where she is touted as one of Israel's best exports.

After three DCEU films that were slammed by critics, Wonder Woman arrived to glowing reviews and fans responded.

The film, which debuted in June, grossed more than $410 million domestically, according to Box Office Mojo. But it wasn't until today that Jenkins's involvement as director was made official.

Back in July, the studio announced at San Diego Comic Con that a Wonder Woman sequel was in the works, with a slated release for December 13, 2019 and starring Gal Gadot.

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Wonder Woman sustained success throughout the summer.

This was why it was so surprising to hear that Warner Bros had not yet secured Jenkins for the second film in the franchise.

Meanwhile, Jenkins is also busy developing her new TNT TV series with Chris Pine which is supposed to be an autobiography of Faunal Hodel.

After Wonder Woman 2 was confirmed a couple months ago, Jenkins had teased that the superhero might be seen in the United States this time. Not only had their not been a previous superhero movie with a female lead to use as a blueprint for how to win over fans and critics, but the previous DCEU films from Man of Steel to Suicide Squad had been released to anywhere from middling to frightful reviews.

Jenkins had come on board as director of Wonder Woman as a replacement for original helmer Michelle McClaren.

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