U.S. formally requests UN Security Council vote on NK sanctions

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President Donald Trump's administration is pushing the Security Council to adopt a united stance as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seeks the capability to strike the U.S. with a nuclear weapon.

Russia, China continue to express doubts over effectiveness of new measuresThe US government under President Donald Trump has reportedly chose to bring the new sanctions resolution against North Korea to a vote in the UN Security Council on September 11, as it promised to do.

"This evening, the United States informed the UN Security Council that it intends to call a meeting to vote on a draft resolution to establish additional sanctions on North Korea on Monday", the U.S. Mission to the United Nations said in a statement.

Meanwhile, US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin has said that if the UNSC did not act, he has an executive order prepared to send to President Donald Trump that would "authorize" him to stop conducting trade and put sanctions on any entity that maintains trade ties with North Korea. "The other possibility.is they want to see the color of China's money". China is North Korea's main ally and by far its biggest trading partner, including for oil shipments.

"Along with pressure on the North Korean regime to induce it to abandon provocations in the implementation of its nuclear and missile programs, it is necessary to emphasize and increase the priority of efforts to resume the political process", Lavrov said.

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Russian Federation doesn't believe sanctions are working, and President Vladimir Putin fears that cutting of the oil supply could hurt the North Korean people.

"Work is now going on over a new resolution in the Security Council and it is still early to make predictions about its final form", Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow after talks with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The US has circulated a draft resolution that would, aside from barring crude oil shipments to North Korea, ban the nation's exports of textiles and prohibit employment of its guest workers by other countries, according to a diplomat at the world body. "It doesn't seem much time is left before North Korea achieves its complete nuclear armament", the prime minister told a meeting of defense ministers in Seoul Thursday.

He added, "To get the situation contained without war is going to be really hard, and that's if we've got our diplomacy right", he said. However, Mexico is reportedly not considering the option of severing diplomatic relations with the North.

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