This how JLR plans to 'steer' into future

Jaguar's AI steering wheel is a gateway to self-driving rideshares

Jaguar Previews Artificial Intelligence Powered Steering Wheel At Inaugural Tech Fest 2017 Festival And Exhibition

We then take a look at Jaguar Land Rover's new Sayer steering wheel. In fact Google had earlier on envisioned what a self-driving auto could look like in which it does away with the need for a steering wheel, thus relegating the occupants of the vehicle to that of passenger and not driver.

With the help of Sayer's AI, you will be able to organise which type of vehicle you need and where you need to go, as JLR also sees many vehicles in the future being controlled by autonomous technology.

Gorillaz and Jaguar Land Rover will continue the search for world-class talent at Jaguar Land Rover's inaugural Tech Fest event, from 8-10 September at London's Central Saint Martins art, design and technology college.

Sayer could signal a user's membership of Jaguar's on-demand service club. For example, it could enable membership of Jaguar's proposed on-demand service club, which offers either sole ownership or the option of sharing the auto with others in your community.

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Jaguar Land Rover envisions a future where Sayer works as a personal mobility assistant for consumers; reminding them when they need to wake up for a morning meeting two hours from home and even determining when a vehicle needs to autonomously arrive at their door, or advising which parts of the journey they might enjoy driving themselves.

Jaguar has unveiled a concept steering wheel called Sayer, designed for a future where cars drive themselves and personal auto ownership is dwindling.

Sayer is named after Jag's famous designer Malcolm Sayer, who styled the company's cars from 1951-70.

Sayer will act as a sort of home assistant while it lives in your living room - assuming its hundreds of tasks extend beyond the confines of a vehicle. Once connected to the vehicle, it can carry over the driving duties or can advise the driver which parts of the journey they may want to take over for maximum enjoyment.

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