North Korea: How does H-Bomb compare to atomic bomb?

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis left accompanied by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford right speaks

North Korea may have conducted sixth nuclear test

After Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon Sunday, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said the US has "many military options" on North Korea and threatened Pyongyang with "a massive military response" if a US territory or US allies are targeted.

Trump convened a White House meeting on Sunday afternoon of military leaders, his national security team and Vice President Mike Pence, where Mattis said they reviewed each of the United States' military options in the Asia-Pacific. "South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!"

'We made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, South Korea and Japan, from any attacks, and our commitments among the allies are ironclad, ' he said.

Defense Secretary James Mattis warned, while speaking to reporters Sunday, that any further threats from North Korea against the USA or its allies would be met with "a massive military response".

Earlier, Mr Trump appeared to criticise both China and South Korea for their approach to the North Korean nuclear threat in a series of tweets on Sunday.

As North Korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, US President Trump considers his response.

"It also underlines yet again the urgent need for the global community to act on putting in place a legally binding ban on nuclear testing once and for all". In 2003, Kim Jong Il withdrew North Korea from the treaty and plutonium production - previously suspended in exchange for economic aid - was resumed.

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"The government confirms that North Korea conducted a nuclear test after examining information from the weather agency and other information", according to Taro Kono, Japan's foreign minister. "We will not give up our goal of working together with allies to seek a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula".

Reports of the nuclear test, North Korea's sixth and the first since last September, drew swift condemnation from the worldwide community.

The Trump administration is also considering more sanctions.

The test, which comes a week after Pyongyang fired a missile over the Japanese island of Hokkaido, caused a 6.3 magnitude quake on Sunday.

He said the the regime's "words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous" to the U.S. He also called North Korea "a rogue nation". The Kim regime asserted that it had the capability to fix the weapon onto an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Following the meeting with military officials, the President said "we'll see" when asked if Washington was considering military action in response to the North's sixth nuclear test.

Mattis called on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to heed the UN Security Council.

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