Here's when you can play Destiny 2's debut raid

Report: Details On Destiny 2's Forthcoming Leviathan Raid May Have Been Revealed

Destiny 2 servers down for four hours today

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2's servers will be undergoing live maintenance later today, meaning the game will be offline for a few hours. It is not known what will be fixed in this short maintenance window, but it is possibly a test to see if the game will reset smoothly.

Having the potential to last hours on end, Raids put a team of six players up against various tasks, puzzles, and enemies, with randomized encounters and items available in order to provide replay ability.

Bungie's director, Luke Smith, has confirmed players will need to have achieved a power level of 260-280 before they can access the Leviathan Raid on Destiny 2. Do you plan to dig into the Leviathan raid?

The Power range required for Leviathan is 260-280.

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That anxiety was given a voice on the Destiny 2 subreddit, where the current most popular post discusses the fact that Bungie is much more likely to nerf public events rather than buff Strike and Crucible rewards. Players now in-game will be given a heads-up to the forthcoming disconnection. And soon its first raid is going up, which you'll need to prepare for. Once you complete its major steps, you unlock a new step called Destroyer of Worlds that requires you to complete the Leviathan Raid.

"At Bungie, our company values place the highest emphasis on inclusion of all people and respect for all who work with us or play our games", said Bungie CEO Pete Parsons over Twitter.

What's your Power level, and will you try the Raid out tomorrow?

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