Consequences of military action against North Korea may be horrific

North Korea's missiles 'could reach Europe sooner than expected'

North Korea warns of more 'gift packages' after nuclear bomb test

He also said it was "ridiculous" that the United States first slapped Russian Federation with sanctions carried in the same bill that penalised North Korea, and "then asked us to help impose sanctions on North Korea".

Amid global uproar over North Korea's latest and biggest nuclear weapons test, one of its top diplomats said on Tuesday it was ready to send "more gift packages" to the United States.

Noting pride over the North's latest and biggest nuclear test, Han said the measure was a gift for the U.S.

"The recent self-defence measures by my country, DPRK, are a "gift package" addressed to none other than the US".

In early August, the United Nations had passed a seventh round of sanctions after the firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

"The United States will receive other gift packages of my country as long as they continue their provocations, reckless, and futile attempts to put pressure on the DPRK",-he said at the UN conference on disarmament.

U.S. adds launchers to THAAD as dozens hurt in South Korea protests
Its sixth nuclear test on Sunday prompted the United States to speak about a "military response" and South Korea to conduct major military exercises.

Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed in a telephone call on Tuesday that China must do more to persuade North Korea to cease its missile tests, a spokesman for May said.

"Yet again, the country has defied the Security Council and the worldwide community".

Pyongyang has prompted a new worldwide outcry by conducting Sunday its sixth nuclear test, the most powerful to date. South Korea's Unification Ministry said on Wednesday it was still expecting more activity from the North.

Satellite imagery appears to show the blast caused numerous landslides at North Korea's Punggye-ri test site, according to 38 North, a Washington-based North Korean monitoring project. The United States accused North Korea's trading partners of aiding its nuclear ambitions and said Pyongyang was "begging for war".

Following the September 3rd test, South Korea announced an agreement with its ally the USA, to scrap a weight limit on its warheads, saying this would help it respond to the threat from its northern neighbour.

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