After waiting in line for hours, man offers last generator to stranger

Man gives up last generator at Lowe's to woman in need before Hurricane Irma hits

Florida man gives up his generator to another woman at Lowe's store ahead of hurricane

Certainly the horror stories and bad behavior of residents preparing or evacuating ahead of the Hurricane Irma strike in Florida are making news, but a "feel good" story should remind us all how kindness and compassion is much more important than the material items.

"My father's on oxygen, and I'm anxious about this storm", she said as she broke down in tears.

With Irma expected to hit Florida this weekend, likely as a Category 4 storm, time was quickly running out.

Pam Brekke had been waiting for days to buy hands on a generator in order to keep her sick father's oxygen supply powered, and traveled almost 30 miles to a Lowe's Home Improvement that had received a surprise shipment of about 200 generators on Thursday, WFTV-TV reported. A video from WFTV shows Santiago hugging and comforting Brekke and telling her: "Everything is fine".

But as she walked up, she found out the last one was sold.

She broke down in tears when she just missed the last generator at the store.

Limbaugh to Evacuate Florida After Questioning Coverage of Irma
By Thursday Limbaugh had changed his tune, calling Hurricane Irma "dire" and a "mammoth", The Hill reported . Residents in the storm's path have been strongly urged to follow instructions from local officials.

Had there been one more generator, it would have been hers. Her father-in-law would not be able to survive that long without his oxygen supply.

"She need the generator", he told WFTV. WFTV's Nancy Alvarez posted the entire exchange on Facebook. She later said, "I don't know him at all".

The two embraced and Santiago continued his shopping.

As he noticed Brekke in tears, Santiago approached her and said that she could have the final generator he just picked up.

"God bless his heart".

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